Product Code : 612
480 USD
Alligator Skin Hat, Crocodile Skin Hat, Unisex Adjustable Alligator and Crocodile Skin Baseball Cap
. 100% Genuine Crocodile Skin
. Brand: ADAMO
. Size: The unique and adjustable designs can fit various sizes of heads with ease, without ever putting any strain or getting uncomfortable.
. Color: Black, Brown, Purple
. Every crocodile skin hat is unique because it is made from the original crocodile skin, not from the embossing pattern cow leather
  Are you looking for a top-quality, super comfortable baseball cap to complete your casual look? Then look no further than this cool crocodile baseball cap by ADAMO! Perfect for daily wear, this crocodile skin hat will protect your skin from the strong summer sun and make you look good at the same time!
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