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Vizon Jacket

Wild Vizon winter lives in long, cold places, river and lake edges. It is found in Europe, Asia, America. Wild Vizon in Europe is smaller than American Vizon. There are some local species in Austria, Hungary, Romania, Finland, Northern Russia and Poland.

Vizon jacket looks like censorship. The forelimbs are noticeably shorter than the hind legs, and the part of the body from the bottom of the head to the front legs is almost close to the ground when walking. The body is long, as in the whole carnival group.

Vizon Coat

Vizon coat with wild vizon fur is made. Brown-maroon. This color varies slightly from season to season, climate and geographic regions. The fibers are short, frequent, bright and uniform. Vizon fur is very soft, is produced from the cover of the metal bars of the fibers. Lower fibers are very common. American mink has a darker color than the European mink, exceptionally bright and very beautiful. From the jaws to the bottom of the body to the groin in the form of a line extending in the same color, sometimes sprinkled white fibers are found.

Color change can be characterized as living things become similar to their surroundings. A desert fox is pale gray. Tani is the color of the sand. In the northern regions, some animals, such as polar foxes, poppies, rabbits, hermin, make their vizon coat fur, which is brown in the summer, turn into white.

Color is opened where light and sun are very effective. The inhabitants of the forests of the same region are dark and uniform. This feature should not be overlooked for vizon jacket, blue fox, silver fox, platinum fox breeding. Because of the effect of light and outdoor air on the development of vizon fur, for example, in silver fox breeding, before the development of winter fur, animals are created in fur-covered boxes called fur porches.

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